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Ningbo Three effect evaporator 2205 double effects in Taicang Jiangsu Xinghai Three effect evaporator Jintan megabyte Three effect of star moon Wujiang cohesiveness 50L Hua Hao, Taizhou FH series vacuum feeder MC series pulse bag filter REY series fuel hot blast stove /REQ series gas hot blast stove JRF series of coal-fired hot blast furnaces KZL series rapid whole granulator YK 160 series swing type granulator GHL series high speed mixed granulator FL series boiling granulating dryer Reaction kettle Distilling distillation column Target vacuum dryer Boiling drying (cooling) device Flash drier Coal fired hot blast stove Percolation tank of stainless steel Horizontal storage tank vertical vessel Tail gas absorber 精馏塔 WFS Chinese herbal remedier ZS series vibrating screen FS series square screen 30B series high efficiency crusher (Group) KGD type fully open horizontal four and one multi function machine Three - one and one - function dryer DSH series double spiral conical mixer CH series groove mixer HJ series double cone mixer VHJ series mixer SYH series 3D motion mixer EYH series two dimensional motion mixer Mixer vacuum feeder Groove mixer High efficiency mixer Two dimensional motion mixer Three dimensional motion mixer High speed mixed granulator Cantilever unsymmetrical double conical mixer Two dimensional mixer Boiling granulator Three dimensional mixer V type mixer DW series single layer drier CT-C series hot air circulation oven YPL series pressure spray dryer LPG series high speed centrifugal spray dryer XF series boiling dryer ZLG series vibrating fluidized bed dryer QG, JG, FG series air dryer XSG series fast rotary flash dryer YZGFZG series vacuum dryer SZG series double cone rotary vacuum dryer ZKG type vacuum rake dryer TG roller scraper dryer PLG series disc type continuous dryer Pressure spray drying granulation machine High speed centrifugal spray dryer YJH series tail gas NH3, SO2, HF recovery unit Czochralski single crystal silicon furnace DRZF series polysilicon ingot furnace Yuen Tai Suzhou Shandong Shandong Hebei Dalian Changshu Hua Hao, Taizhou Three effect concentrator Double effect of crystallizing anticorrosion Crystallized double effect
Jiangyin Huasheng Pharmaceutical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Jiangyin Huasheng Pharmaceutical Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Jiangyin, which is beautiful, rich, economically developed and convenient for transportation. The company is located in No. 1428 Chengdu Road in Zhengang Town, Jiangyin. We have more than 3000 square meters of modern standard double span workshop and 350 square meters of office room. It is a professional manufacturer engaged in machinery and equipment manufacturing in pharmaceutical, chemical, biological, food and other industries. The company has the right of independent export operation. The products are sold to all parts of Hongkong, Korea, Bolivia, Germany and so on.
We are good at research and development, manufacturing and manufacturing in the fields of extraction…

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